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Shower Anywhere!

Enjoy a hot shower wherever you are. Rocky Mountain Showers delivers, sets up, and maintains portable shower units for clients nationwide. Our multiunit setups are designed to accommodate large groups at outdoor events of all kinds.

Large Events

No matter how many people are at your site, we've got you covered. Our Unit 5 trailer is designed to comfortably serve 1,000-1,500 people. It offers a dressing area and a personal hygiene space that provide comfort and privacy. Multiple trailers are available upon request.

Unit 5:

  • 8 Men's Showers
  • 4 Women's Showers
  • 8 Sinks on Men's Side
  • 4 Sinks on Women's Side
  • Dressing Room
  • Awning with Awning Cover
  • Tarp Floor
  • Chairs
  • Maintenance Room
  • 2 Tankless Water Heaters

Unit 7

Unit 7 Floor Plan

Unit 5

Festivals & Campgrounds

Unit 6 is great for music festivals and campgrounds. Guests will be able to shower, shave, apply makeup, and freshen up in the comfort of a clean, well-maintained trailer. Providing high-quality facilities is an excellent way to keep your guests on the campsite and ensures a positive experience for everyone.

Unit 6:

  • 4 Men's Showers
  • 4 Women's Showers
  • 4 Exterior Sinks
  • On-Demand Hot Water Heaters
  • Chairs